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Time to switch to winter tyres

Don’t let the mild autumn dissuade you from fitting winter tyres to your BMW or MINI. With long-range weather forecasts predicting a severe winter – some say the worst for a century – now is the time to switch to winter tyres to stay safe and keep mobile as the temperature drops. What’s more, with free fitting and free storage of your summer tyres, Elms BMW & MINI can offer you a great deal on your winter tyres.

This video shows you why winter tyres are so important, and not just when there’s snow and ice on the ground. So long as the temperature is below 7˚C, winter tyres will provide more traction for acceleration, more secure grip when cornering, and shorter braking distances. It doesn’t matter if the road is wet or dry, icy or covered in snow, winter tyres are the safer choice.

Summer tyres harden when the temperature drops, but with more natural rubber in their compound winter tyres suffer far less from this hardening effect.

What’s more, winter tyres have a more open tread to better clear water from the road surface, giving better grip in wet weather and reducing the chances of aquaplaning.

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Most crucially, winter tyres offer much shorter stopping distances than summer tyres in cold weather. Braking from 60mph on wet roads when the temperature is below 7˚C, winter tyres cut your stopping distance by 4.8 metres. Give or take a few centimetres, that’s the length of a BMW 5 Series.

On icy roads the difference is even more dramatic. When stopping from just 20mph winter tyres need 11 metres less. That’s more than two car lengths.

There’s no reason to let the price of winter tyres put you off. Think about it while your BMW or MINI is driving around on winter tyres there’s no wear on the summer set, greatly extending the life of the tyres.

To make safe winter driving even more affordable, Elms BMW & MINI is offering some great deals on winter tyres. Prices start from just £528 for a full set for a MINI. Here’s a selection of some of the deals:

1 Series from £664

2 Series from £872

3 Series from £664

5 Series from £1600

X1 from £912

X3 from £1500

X5 from £1832

X4 from £1500

MINI Hatch from £528

MINI Clubman from £560

MINI Countryman from £608

Don’t forget, Elms BMW & MINI will store your summer tyres free of charge* in our tyre hotel. We’ll keep them clean, dry and secure, ready for when the better weather returns in the summer.

Contact Elms BMW or Elms MINI to order your new tyres and stay safe and mobile this winter.

*Ts&Cs apply. Free fitting and storage only on the first wheel changeover. Free storage may be available on subsequent wheel changeovers if a Vehicle Heath Check is authorised, however local variances apply so please speak to your local service department to confirm.  Normal price for fitting and storage at each changeover is £70+VAT, excluding BMW X5/X6.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Great article, we definitely take winter tyres fore-granted.. most people think they’re just for snow, but they’re not… I read the other day that 1 in 6 people have an accident over the winter months because of the conditions on the roads… winter tyres might help to lower this number!


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