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The new BMW i8: a real-world review from an Elms customer

Bindi Saran has been a loyal Elms BMW customer for the past ten years. She’s been test driving the new BMW i8 electric supercar, and has been kind enough to send us her review.

“BMW i8… Wow!

So as someone who likes cars with a bit of speed and even the growl of a throaty engine, I never ever thought I would even consider getting behind the wheel of an electric car. Yup, I said it – an electric car.

Well, I guess that was until I saw the i8, the electric supercar.

So I thought it was only fair to share my experience of driving the i8.

They say looks matter…

The i8 is an exceptionally stunning looking car. With its sleek contoured body it makes its presence known anywhere it is seen.

It is guaranteed to make people stop and look. You do have to be prepared for people taking photos of both the car and yourself if you are driving through town, maybe even give them a little wave.

The exterior of car has a real tough sporty feel which makes you doubt it can have an electric element to it.

Now the inside of the car… this has really been given a lot of thought, too. The car has the sporty feel that you would expect from a super sports car, but it’s actually cleverly balanced with comfort that you do not expect. The seats just mould around your body making you feel more secure and in control than you do in other sports seats.

As you would expect from anything carrying the BMW brand, everything is built with such quality and thought.  Every little detail of this car feels like true luxury with a twist of fun. The colour of seat belts, every button and switch, the slick look of the dashboard lights make the car come alive and feel like something extra special.

Now for some speed…

Well I can really say that I did not expect this car to be as quick as it was. So when the lights go green and you put your foot down be prepared for this car to just fly.

BMW i8 (1)

It has an amazing pick up that I guess is due to its carbon fibre body and its super sleek electric hybrid engine. It really does give you an adrenaline rush that is quite unexpected.

It grips the road with such vigour, that it would be so easy to forget that you have to obey speed limits and instead unleash your inner racing driver.

When driving this car be prepared that you will really need to keep an eye of the dashboard, as you will not realise the speeds that you are driving at. The carbon fibre body just makes this car so light and lots of fun.

Electric… really did I say electric?

When this car is driven in pure electric mode, it simply just glides. So if you were like me and you thought every electric car was like an old milk float, think again.

It is pure heaven with an unexpected kick of speed.

The i8’s hybrid engine switches seamlessly from electric to petrol, so much so that if you are like me and you are enjoying the drive so much you will be oblivious to which mode you are driving in. Yes, that means at some points during my test drive I may have actually driven sensibly. 

Sound… music to your ears 

The sound of this car it just awesome. You have throatiness of a supercar engine with the purr of an electric one, but words cannot really describe it – it is something you have to experience for yourself. 

BMW i8 (2)

In a nutshell, the i8 is the ultimate eye candy in cars: fun to drive, great to hear, and even a bit fast whilst being sensible (if needed).

So I guess there is only word that can describe the i8… Wow!

If you are lucky enough to get an opportunity to drive an i8 do not pass it up, otherwise you will never know what an awesome electric supercar it truly is.

And just for the record, yes, it is on my list of cars that I will definitely own one day…”

It’s great to have so have had so much positive feedback on the car from the motoring press, even better to know it’s a hit with one of our customers. Thanks for the review, Bindi!

If you want to discover more about the game-changing BMW i8, get in touch with Elms Cambridge.

3 Comments to The new BMW i8: a real-world review from an Elms customer

  1. Bindi says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable test drive ….

  2. Hannah says:

    What a great sounding car, never thought an electric car could sound like so much fun. Thanks for writing the review , it’s great to hear a car review from a female customer too

  3. Raveena says:

    i8 looks stunning
    A great read, thanks for the review … You sound as though you really enjoyed every element of the i8

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