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The Mini MINI’s are Olympic retrievers

If you’ve been playing close attention during the throwing events at the Olympics, you may have noticed remote-control MINIs on the field.

The Mini MINI might look cute but it has a serious role to play, ferrying javelins, discuses, hammers and shots back to the throwing area, saving time during the competition. The cars are controlled by specially trained Games Maker volunteers and are roughly a quarter scale of the full-size car. Each remote-control MINI wears the same livery as the larger vehicles on the official fleet.

“The MINI team was thrilled to be given this challenge to develop a vehicle with such an important and high profile role during the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Dr Juergen Hedrich, Managing Director of MINI Plant Oxford. “I know that everybody was inspired by the challenge and the knowledge that these models will be seen in action by millions of people around the world.”

Every Mini MINI is electrically powered, just like the 160 BMW 1 Series ActiveE and 40 MINI E models which form part of the official Olympic fleet. Throughout the Games, these cars are being used for many duties including taking athletes to and from Olympic venues.

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