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The BMW i3 electrifies Cambridge

After months of waiting, the BMW i3 is now on sale at Elms Cambridge after our spectacular launch events. If you missed the flash mob on Friday night or the unveiling in our Cambourne showroom on Saturday morning, you can find out what all the fuss was about in our launch video.

Flash mob








Around 200 people witnessed the unveiling of the car, with a spectacular performance by the Bodywork Company Dance Studio and a display of some of the most iconic and important models from BMW’s past.










After the glitz and glamour of the launch, many Elms customers took the chance to test drive the i3 and we’re pleased to say the responsive was overwhelmingly positive.

Would the new i3 fit into your life? It makes the perfect choice as a business car (since there’s no benefit-in-kind tax to pay) or for regular commuting. The range of 80-100 miles is more than enough to cope with most trips to work and back, ready to be plugged in overnight. Recharging the i3 takes just three hours using the BMW i Wallbox Pure. The price of each charge will vary depending on the energy provider, but could cost as little as £2.

If you need to go further afield then the Range Extender model doubles the range by using a small petrol engine to top-up the battery if the charge level drops to 20%.









It’s not just the electric drivetrain which makes the BMW i3 such a ground-breaking environmental champion. Low emissions and sustainability have been priorities in every detail of design and manufacture. The BMW i plant in Leipzig is powered sustainable energy thanks to its four wind turbines. Energy consumption has been reduced by 50% compared with other BMW factories and water consumption is down by 70%.

BMW has even looked long into the future when the i3 reaches the end of its time on the road: 95% of the materials from which the i3 has been made are recyclable.

For all its green credentials, it’s important to remember the i3 isn’t just an electric car – it’s an electric BMW. With 170Hp and 250Nm of torque, the i3 goes from standstill to 62mph in just 7.2 seconds. With a low centre of gravity and a kerbweight of just 1195kg, it delivers the agile, rewarding drive you would expect from BMW.









Owning one of the world’s most advanced cars is surprisingly affordable. Prices start from £25,680 (including the government’s £5000 OLEV grant) while the i3 Range Extender costs £28,830 (including the OLEV grant). Innovative ownership packages which give i3 drivers access to other BMW models when required are available, helping customers fit the i3 to their lifestyle.

Don’t forget, the i3 is only the first chapter in the BMW i story. Next year the BMW i8 will arrive at Elms Cambridge. With its plug-in hybrid drivetrain, the i8 will redefine the sports car.








To find out if you are ready to become electric, contact Elms Cambridge BMW.

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