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More grip, better safety: four-wheel-drive cars from BMW and MINI

With the weather turning wetter and colder, four-wheel-drive cars are really starting to prove their worth. Choose a BMW xDrive or MINI ALL4 model and you’ll enjoy better traction and improved safety in damp and cold conditions.

Choosing four-wheel drive doesn’t mean you have to buy an offroader. As well as the X range of SUVs and crossovers, BMW and MINI offer 4×4 versions of hatchbacks, saloons, and estate cars – even coupés and convertibles.

Take a look at this video to find out more about how xDrive works, and just why it’s so much better than the competition:

To learn more about the MINI ALL4 system, take a look at this:

Whether you choose a BMW or a MINI, you’ll enjoy the benefits of one of the most sophisticated four-wheel-drive systems fitted to any car. Power isn’t simply split evenly between all four wheels. A super-intelligent system, xDrive shifts torque between the front and rear axles in just a tenth of a second.

The result is consistent and reliable traction when two-wheel-drive vehicles – and even some 4x4s – would struggle to get their power to the road. As much as 99% of the engine’s power can be delivered to one axle. The system does it’s work even before the driver becomes aware of any loss of grip.

Drivers benefit from xDrive in corners, too. In adverse weather conditions handling is more precise and stable, with power fed to the wheels which can use it best. The multi-disc clutch works so quickly and unobtrusively that from behind the wheel all you notice is secure and composed handling, however slippery the road surface.

Like BMW xDrive, MINI ALL4 sends power to the wheels that can best use it. That means the power split could be 50/50 front and rear, or almost all the engine’s power could go to one axle if the other is unable to find grip. The results is safe and secure driving in all conditions, whether you are pulling away on a wet slope, cornering in bad weather, or driving in low temperatures.

The benefits apply all year around, but it’s in winter months that xDrive and ALL4 are really shown to best advantage, especially if winter tyres are fitted.

Our Elms BMW & MINI Centres have some great offers on xDrive and ALL4 models at the moment, so now is the perfect time to discover the difference intelligent four-wheel drive can make to your driving.


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