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Hire a MINI for less than the price of a chocolate bar

MINI is offering anyone in central London the chance to hire a MINI Cooper for just 26p per hour. That’s the hourly equivalent of the £189 per month it costs to finance a new MINI Cooper.

The fleet of MINIs will be available from a ‘Boris Bike’-style docking station in Berkley Square. Anyone wanting to hire a car will need to insert 26p in a ticket machine before getting behind the wheel of a MINI for 60 minutes.

Drivers will be accompanied by MINI staff, who will return the cars to Berkley Square after the hire cars reach their destination. The special ‘MINI Fun Hire Service’ service will run from 8am to 6pm tomorrow (December 6th).

MINI says this unusual car hire scheme is a response to new research which shows that Londoners have less fun than anyone else in Britain. The capital’s residence enjoy themselves for just 142 minutes each day.  The next most fun-deprived people live in Manchester, with 148 minutes of fun per day, while Birmingham’s residents enjoy themselves for only 151 minutes.

Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow, Derby and Leicester complete the top (or should that be bottom?) ten fun-deprived cities.

There’s no mention of Bedford, Cambridge or Stansted on the list, but if you need a MINI Cooper to put some fun back in your driving day, drop in to your nearest Elms MINI dealer.

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