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Elms Cambridge welcomes a Paralympic customer

At Elms BMW & MINI we pride ourselves in treating all our customers with the same courtesy, enthusiasm and attention to detail. That includes anyone funding their car through the Motability scheme. From what we hear that isn’t always the case in other dealerships…

We’re proud to work with the Motability charity to provide BMW and MINI cars to the registered disabled and war pensioners. We have some great deals to offer Motability customers, as many satisfied drivers can testify.

One such customer is Rob Richardson, a Paralympian at the London Games in 2012 who is hoping to make the trip to Rio in 2016. He is captain of the GB Paralympic Volleyball team, currently ranked eighth in the world. Rob and his teammates begin their quest to qualify for Rio at the World Championships in Poland this summer. Rob has 96 caps for Great Britain and was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame last year! He has won the National Championship three times, and is hoping to make it four next month.

Rob has just bought a BMW from Elms Cambridge. “I was looking for the best quality vehicle that would provide me with a comfortable ride position as this is something which is very important with my disability,” Rob says. “I also wanted a vehicle which would be suitable for three years and not something which won’t suit myself and my family in 18 months time. The BMW option seemed to tick that box best.”

After talking through his requirements with our Motability Specialist, Paul Smitham, Rob went for a 3 Series Touring. “It’s a great option in terms of space for my family and is also a great looking car which drives well.

“I was treated brilliantly. To be honest, I had looked at both the BMW 3 Series Touring and the Audi Q3 as the two leading options for my first Motability vehicle. BMW were able to offer a 24-hour test drive as they understood the need for me to feel comfortable in the car, whereas Audi could only offer 20 minutes and even that they couldn’t organise properly. The comparison between the customer service offering between Audi and BMW was huge, and as a first-time Motability customer it was this care and attention from BMW which helped make the decision much easier,” Rob explains.

We’re pleased to report that Rob was happy with the handover of the car as well as the sale. “Paul put me at ease by explaining that he would handle everything, making the process easy for me. He gave me all the info I needed. I must also add that the BMW handover experience was exceptional. Brilliant customer service!”

We hope you and your family continue to enjoy the car, Rob!



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