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BMW xDrive marks the spot for four-wheel drive

You don’t need to choose an SUV to benefit from BMW’s xDrive four-wheel-drive system. Several BMW saloons, hatchbacks and estates are now available with four-wheel drive.

There are xDrive versions of the 1 Series, 3 Series Saloon, 3 Series Touring and 4 Series Coupé. These cars combine BMW’s classic rear-wheel-drive handling with the all-weather security of four-wheel-drive.

xDrive is perfect technology for imperfect conditions. By sending power to all four wheels xDrive models put their power to the road better in wet or wintry weather. If it’s raining heavily or if the road surface is covered in ice or snow, xDrive cars really come into their own. In really bad winter weather xDrive, combined with winter tyres, could make the difference between arriving at your destination or being stuck miles from home.

Don’t think all 4×4 systems are the same. We believe xDrive is the most sophisticated system of its kind, with each axle using its traction to the maximum. Stability and safety are key. If – particularly in adverse conditions – more torque has to be applied to the road, that’s when Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) kicks in. In addition to improving traction, the system also recognises the first signs of oversteering and understeering. Within a tenth of a second it distributes up to almost 100% of the engine torque to the front or rear axle via the transmission and an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch before returning to normal 40:60 distribution ratio. If you want all the benefits of four-wheel drive but don’t need an SUV, then contact Elms Bedford, Elms Cambridge or Elms Stansted to find out more.

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