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BMW wins company car reliability survey

BMWs are the most reliable company cars for you and your business. That’s not our opinion, or even BMW’s: it’s the result of the annual Fleet News FN50 survey.

Fleet News asked companies to score the best performing cars and manufacturers, with the results compiled into a top 10. Incidents of downtime through faults and general reliability as well as recalls were assessed. Responses covered a sample size of more than 610,000 cars making this one of the biggest surveys of its kind in the UK.

Not only did BMW win back its position at the top of the table, the BMW 3 Series held on to the top spot as the best-performing model.

BMW took three out of the top 10 positions, thanks to the 5 Series and 1 Series.

If you want to add BMW to your company fleet, who better to talk to than Elms? Earlier this year we were named BMW Corporate Sales Dealer of the Year.

Find out more by contacting the corporate team at Bedford, Cambridge or Stansted.

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