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BMW i3: fully charged and ready to test drive

You may have read stories in the motoring press about customers having to wait five months to test drive the new i3. The truth? We’d be surprised if you had to wait five hours.

At Elms Cambridge we have two BMW i3 demonstrators, and while both cars are busy if you phone ahead to book a slot we’re confident you’ll be behind the wheel that same day.

So, if stories about huge waiting lists have dissuaded you from trying the radical new i3, don’t be put off. Get in touch with the team at Elms Cambridge BMW now.

While they might be confused about test drives for customers, the motoring press has been universally enthusiastic about BMW’s first production electric car. Parkers has awarded the i3 five stars: “Not only does the BMW i3 break new ground for the German manufacturer, kick-starting its new electric sub-brand, but it also breaks new ground across the industry. This is the first electric car available in the UK that manages to mix desirability with efficiency.”

The i3 scored four out of five from Honest John: “With its premium quality, the i3 could well be the car that changes the public perception of electric vehicles.”

After driving the i3 Range Extender, Autocar also awarded four stars: “Despite being different in every possible way, the i3 is recognisably a real BMW.”

Don’t forget, your own test drive is only a phone call away. You definitely won’t have to wait five months!

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